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Team economy

From this screen you can handle all the economic section of the team, in addition to see economic projections and economic history of the team.

The manager will have to use in their operations of a cash. If this money runs out you will need to raise cash for operations such as dismissal, transfer or works. Besides cash club, each club has an immobilized amount prevent you into the red, negative balance more easily. On teams where the president is the CPU, the assets are 5 million eu.

On the left side of the screen calculates the monthly economic projections and annual projections.

The monthly forecast projected revenues and expenditures for the next 30 days are calculated. For box office matches you have left to play at home in the next 30 days is calculated.

At the annual forecast projected revenues and expenditures for the next 365 days are calculated. Subtraction of income less expenses, does not take into account the effective moment is the amount added or subtracted to cash this forecast.

On the right side of the screen a historical graph of the amount of cash the team at the beginning of each month and the status at the stock market, value of each share and the majority shareholders team shown.

From the fixtures screen you can see the attendance and pricing for home matches. The social mass of rival team scores a good deal attendance to the stadium.

Attendance directly influences the team play well depending on how full the stadium will receive more or less bonuses, as follows:



The ticket price is calculated as follows depending on the chosen by the user and the team's position in the continental coefficient:

1- Country level is obtained by the position of continental coefficient:

- If the country is among the top 7 is level 3
- Between 8th and 15th place, is level 2
- From 16th place onwards, is level 1

- All countries are level 2


2- With the price dialed by the user the actual price of the average ticket is calculated:

Lowest price: 5 x country level
Medium price: 10 x country level
High price: 15 x country level

In domestic league matches, 5EU are reduced in price per below first division division. Being the minimum price for a ticket 3EU.

Ex: A country that is in Level 2 and the average price of tickets in the second division, the price of admission shall be (10eu x 2) - (5EU x 2) = 10eu


The number of spectators attending the match will be obtained from the following calculations:

1- Values of the social mass of each team are obtained as follows:

social mass value = (social mass / 5) * 2

2- Support base, which is the sum of the values of the local visitor social mass is calculated.

3- Depending on the price set by the manager, will more or less spectators:

- Check high price, 50% of spectators are reduced.
- Check average price, 25% of spectators decreases.


entrenador futbol online


With the button image rights , you will enter the screen negotiating with bidders companies. These rights are important to negotiate when the team is alive in all competitions and not risk being eliminated one of them before accepting an offer. If no contract and ends the current, the income of that paragraph shall become 0 eu.


manager futbol online


There are four parameters to be evaluated by the sponsors:


Team competitive level - Current team competitions, 1ª, 2ª or 3ª division, champions o europa league:

3rd division or lower: +1 point

2nd division: +2 points

1st division: +3 points




Team social mass - Supporters fan team. [supporters number] / 5000. A value between 1-100.

Social mass purchasing power - It is the percentage of upper-class adults between the social mass of the club in mind. Being a 50% maximum valued. The value ranges between 1 and 50.

Rating team country - It is calculated from the current rate of continental teams, from 10, five stars will be obtained. It is the value of the current coefficient (average of the last five years dismissing decimal).


With these values the team rating is calculated using the following formula:

[rating] = ([social mass] * 6) + ([competitive level] * 15) + ([country] * 5) + ([high class supporters] * 4) + 100


Using the rating team and the living standards variable, base amount that different companies will bid is calculated:

[base amount] = [rating] * [living standards] 


Depending on the type of contract and the year, will offer the following percentages from the base amount:

3 years - 82% 
2 years - 72% 
1 year - 62% 

Advertising fences: 
3 years - 66% 
2 years - 56% 
1 year - 46% 

3 years - 48% 
2 years - 38% 
1 year - 28% 


Any contracts image rights can be hired and break at any time. In case of breaking a contract rights, the club must pay 8% for twelve month per year of contract remaining amount you were receiving.


With the preseason button you can organize preseason stages club. These stages have a benefit in going into the season with a stable squad fitness and improved morale, skills or prestige.


manager futbol online


Stages can be arranged throughout the month of July and will take place at the beginning of August, are timeless because they can arrange friendly while stage occur without affecting the team schedule.

These stages affect all players who are on squad, even if they are loaned by another club, youth or first team squad.

Navigating the different preseason locations, you can get the following benefits:


Fitness - From 70% to 90%.

Morale - From 2 to 15 pts. moral improvement.

Prestige - From 1 to 10 pts. de prestige improvement.

Skills - From 1 to 10 pts in all skills. As long as the player does not exceed the maximum marked by his talent, which then will this maximum in the same turn and marked in red.


With the button outsourcing will be accessible to screen for auxiliary enterprises which will bring many benefits to the club.

In this screen the benefit of each of the outsourced companies is shown, will appear in light blue non-contracted services and contracted in dark blue.

Travel agency - If no contract agency, eu 4,000 will be paid for away match. If the club is in continental competitions, contracts offered will be higher.

Maitenance - Con una empresa de mantenimiento contratada se permitirá una asistencia mayor a 10 mil espectadores. Se calcula en base al tamaño del estadio.

Cleaning - You'll get an entry 5% higher in every match, if the seating capacity allows. It is calculated based on the size of the stadium.

Security - Allows attendance public higher than 5000 people. It is calculated based on the size of the stadium.

Media support - It will generate a profit by 10% over the contracted image rights. It is calculated based on the size of the social base.

Food & Beverage - It will generate a profit of 10% of the box office party. It is calculated based on the size of the stadium.

Health insurance - The club will charge 10,000 eu per tick and player who is injured. It is calculated based on the FDF rating.

Subcontracted staff - Having hired temporary staff will allow for more than 2000 spectators assistance. It is calculated based on the size of the stadium.

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  Juankmusi  5/6/2020 07:36
 Jajaj luis
  Juankmusi  5/6/2020 07:17
  LuisDelRojo  5/6/2020 07:06
 No me acorde deponer táctica felicidades rivera también por ganarme la liga jajaj
  Juankmusi  5/6/2020 07:04
 se me bugueo la cartera, la arreglaron y se me bugueo el juvenil
  LuisDelRojo  5/6/2020 06:58
 Nah se te bugueó se sigue pudiendo subir hasta 27
  CabesaBarea04  5/6/2020 06:58
 por eso mismo pregunto, yo tenia entendido que siempre dejaba hasta 27, pero por ahi es un cambio nuevo
  LuisDelRojo  5/6/2020 06:57
 La única vez que subí dopados, me dejó subir hasta que tuve 27 jugadores.
  Iván.  5/6/2020 06:56
 ahora mismo tengo 25 en el primer equipo y no me deja subir mas, es para todos asi o se me bugueo?
  LuisDelRojo  5/6/2020 06:54
 alguno que me confirme, tenia entendido que podias subir juveniles aun teniendo 26 jugadores en primer equipo es decir hasta el 27
  LuisDelRojo  5/6/2020 06:53
 Algunos siguen subiendo habilidades. No hay mejores precios en todo el mercado. -> juego futbol juego futbol Standard
  Rusty James  5/6/2020 06:39
 juego futbol juego futbol Joris Rutten  71   24  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Donatello Gotti  71   29  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Tommy Olsen  70   28  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Angelo Di Santis  71   29  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Wendelmar Scheidemann  71   28  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Brecht Lombaerts  74   24  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Israel Murillo  72   24  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Eudo Querzoli  72   20  juego futbol
  Rusty James  5/6/2020 06:38
 Quien suba la puja a 12M se lo lleva, no encontraréis así de jóvenes a laterales izquierdos de entradas 86 a ese precio, ¡no sean tontos y aprovechen!
  El Sokzio  5/6/2020 03:41
 ¡ÚLTIMA HORA! El juego futbol juego futbol PSV acepta una oferta por juego futbol juego futbol Angelis Charalambous  69   21  juego futbol, el jugador aún mejora 5 puntos en todo menos entradas
  El Sokzio  5/6/2020 03:40
 juego futbol juego futbol Víctor Estevez  70   18  juego futbol
  El loco bielsa  5/6/2020 02:22
  aún sube pase y org...paga lo que quieras .
  El loco bielsa  5/6/2020 02:22
 gracias por eso y por todo lo demas
  hhijohyu  5/6/2020 01:41
 gracias a todos los dueños del juego y agentes fifa por arreglarme el bug de cartera que no me dejaba añadir jugadores
  LuisDelRojo  5/6/2020 01:40
 jugadores en venta un veterano y un juvenil por poco dinero
  hhijohyu  5/6/2020 01:36
 juego futbol juego futbol Zhelyu Suleymanoglu  73   27  juego futbol juego futbol juego futbol Viriato Coutinho  71   19  juego futbol
  hhijohyu  5/6/2020 01:32
  Calero  5/6/2020 01:06
 busco dopados sin entrenar, precio maximo 1.5 millons, delanteros de preferencia, contactame ya, al numero hola que tal xD MANDEN MP
  Bayona  5/6/2020 00:07
 juego futbol juego futbol Khalid de Graaf  62   18  juego futbol tambien se vende por 10M sube todo menos entradas
  Resident  4/6/2020 23:47
 juego futbol juego futbol Eduardo Reyes  69   27  juego futbol vendo defensa 84 entradas y sube +5 en todo lo demas se va por 10M
  Resident  4/6/2020 23:43
 Los jugadores de juego futbol juego futbol Monterreyjuego futbol juego futbol Atlasjuego futbol juego futbol San Luis buscan mánagers que los lleve a lo más alto, tienen caja y buenos planteles. Ánimo!
  Jorge86  4/6/2020 20:01
 Yo seré paquete pero no un llorón como tú que lloras hasta por las denuncias
  CabesaBarea04  4/6/2020 19:35
 Pues si más adelante te animas, la Federación Holandesa te estaría agradecido (y si cualquiera se anima, se lo agradecemos igual)
  El Sokzio  4/6/2020 12:07
 De momento me quedo en italia, estoy con la mafia italiana de nuevo, me pidieron que tome la juve y volvi
  LuisDelRojo  4/6/2020 12:06
 ...varios equipos y construya equipos de cero con libres en los equipos media 50, eres el que mejor da el perfil, ¿querrías?
  El Sokzio  4/6/2020 12:01
 Luis estoy buscando a algún manager que sea nómada y crack del mercado de libres para invitarle a que se venga a la segunda holandesa y elija...
  El Sokzio  4/6/2020 12:01
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